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Finn Kooijman Winner of the SMC BMC Design Award 2019 - Sustainable Mobility

Finn Kooijman (student Industrial Design Engineering at Technical University Delft) has won the Gold Award of the SMC BMC Design Award 2019. During the Award Ceremony at Composites Europe he presented the Arcus, a docking and recharge unit for electrical scooters. Arcus offers an innovative solution for the littering of cities by electrical vehicles, while still promoting sustainable transport of people in urban environments.


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The European Alliance for SMC BMC

The European Alliance for SMC BMC is an industry association of European companies and institutions involved in the field and product chain of SMC and BMC. Through its competence network, the Alliance promotes the advantages of the use of SMC BMC and the awareness of the material across Europe.

By informing the industry on the benefits of technology and material performance, the Alliance focuses on high positioning of the material in the market. Bringing technological knowledge to educational institutions by providing technical information is one of our objectives. Effective advocacy actions towards the EU institutions are also pursued by the European Alliance.

Based in Brussels, the European Alliance for SMC BMC was established in 1993 and has been growing and gained in importance through the years. The European Alliance is Sectorial Member of the European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA).

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