SMC & BMC Composite solutions open up a new world of design and performance.

SMC & BMC Composite solutions have a track record of being used in components that combine light weight, customized design, great mechanical performance, and excellent durability. Product formulations can be fine-tuned in order to manufacture parts with great performance consistency at competitive cost.

Overview of key applications

Electrical & Electronics / Mechanical integrity and electrical insulation

  • Low voltage and medium voltage energy systems
  • Fuses and switchgear
  • Cabinets and junction boxes
  • Motor and anchor insulations
  • Encapsulation of wiring and electronic circuits
  • Electrical components with reduced surface resistivity
  • Lamp housings

Mass Transportation / Light weight and fire resistance

  • Train, tram interior and body parts
  • Electrical components
  • Track switch components
  • Under the hood components for trucks

Automotive & Truck / Low fuel emissions through weight reduction

  • Light weight body panels for vehicles
  • Lighting systems, headlamp reflectors and LED lighting
  • Structural parts, front ends
  • Interior dashboard parts
  • Body panels for trucks and agricultural vehicles

Building & construction / Durability and design freedom

  • Drinking water tanks
  • Panels
  • Doors
  • Building supply systems
  • Drain and trench covers
  • Access chambers

Domestic appliances / Manufacturing in large volumes

  • Iron heat shields
  • Coffee machine components
  • Microwave ware
  • White goods components, grips and handles
  • Pump housings as metal substitution
  • Motor housings as metal substitution

Engineering / Strength and durability

  • Functional parts in mechanical engineering as metal substitution
  • Pump components for various media
  • Sport equipment, golf caddy
  • Safety products for leisure and public application

Sanitary / Design freedom and personalised aesthetics

  • Sinks and bath tubs
  • Toilet seats
  • Drain covers

Medical / Optmised shape and user friendliness

  • Surgery equipment
  • Dental medication systems
  • Antibacterial components

In the download section you can download our design manual for free to learning more about the great capabilities of SMC and BMC composites.